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Most Sought After Trends in Engagement Rings

Diamonds never loses its elegance and charm over the years. It is still the most sought after stone for engagement and wedding rings. New trends in engagement rings vary in metal, designs, and sizes. Engagement is a special event when you will pronounce promises of love and commitment for a lifetime companionship, so you need to find a ring that can keep up to your promises. No matter what trend it is, you should look for one that can offer longevity. 

Finding the right ring requires careful selection and you need to decide as a couple. For a surprise wedding proposal, you need to at least know the preference of the one you love so you can decide for yourself. You do not have to follow the latest trend because the trend that you need to keep in mind is your taste and preference. The following are timeless pieces of trends in engagement rings. 

Always go for the Traditional

One of the top trending types of rings for engagement is antique rings because of its timeless beauty. You do not have to buy an old ring if you want antique looking rings. There are online jewelry shops that can offer traditional designs and cut that looks very traditional. However, if you have an heirloom that is passed on to generations, then you are very lucky. There are antique jewelry shops where you can find pieces from different eras. 

Minimalist Design

One of the most sought after trends in engagement rings are those made of minimalist design. Minimalist rings have simple, sleek, and has very little ornamentation. You will find it with solitaire diamond design or has a large centerpiece of stone. The good thing about choosing this type of design for an engagement ring is the fact that it can go well with any type of wedding ring. 

Halo Rings

This is one of the most popular trends in engagement rings that never lose its charm. It is available in a wide range of designs and variations. The common thing about its overall design is the large diamond at the center that is encircled by tiny pieces of diamonds or round pave. This is just the basic style because you will find a wide selection of halo rings as you search from different reputable online jewelry stores. 

Ring with Three Stones

This design can capture the attention of anyone who will see it. It has a large diamond as a centerpiece with two little diamonds on the sides. This is the basic design, but there are diverse variations and styles that you can find online. You may also choose the trends in engagement rings with three similarly shaped diamonds. 

Go for Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the most sought after types of metal used for both engagement and wedding rings. This is a very popular choice for women as the color symbolizes femininity. It is a combination of yellow gold color and splash of pink. Another good thing about the color is that it can complement any skin complexion. 

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