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Jewellery Valuation Service

Jewellery Valuation Service

Would like to know how much is your jewellery worth? Amellas jewellery please to offer to its customers the jewellery valuation services. Simply send us an email or complete the form of the jewellery item you would like to be valued. Amellas expert jewellery valuation services supported by jewellers and registered valuers who provides exceptional jewellery valuation service and London’s best jewellery expertise.


It is important that you precious jewellery pieces are insured and secured that provides you the reassurance that your favourite jewellery items are protected and have a compensation for a range of reasons. Amellas jewellery valuation specialists have a high expertise from the  The NAJ’s Institute of Registered Valuers (IRV) when it comes to examine your jewellery. A jewellery valuation is an important document that you jewellery piece must have it provides a description and the a price and involve the valuation procedure that guarantee your jewellery piece lifetime insurance.


At Amellas jewellery we are pleased to arrange the jewellery valuation for you. Through simple steps we help you examine your jewellery and provide the valuation certificate with a full and detailed description, images and the value of your jewellery pieces.

Amellas valuation jewellery specialist always ensure our customers receive a high standard consistent and accurate certificate of the valuation, guaranteed and supported by the England’s professional and qualified experts within its field. At Amellas we offer accurate valuation certificate for your precious jewellery items from engagement ring, wedding bands to watches, jewellery sets and other jewellery items.


If you would like to know more information about our valuation services simply send as an email at [email protected] or complete the form.


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