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About Us

Welcome to Amellas, the home of jewellery creations, bespoke and expertly crafted uniquely for you.

We understand that every piece of jewellery has attributed emotional value and our ambition is to work with you to create inspiring and timeless masterpieces which honour these values.  Our mission is to create a truly unique jewellery without compromise.

We are a progressive jewellery industry based in London, passionate about diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery – with relationships with the most reputable goldsmiths, suppliers and designers; ensuring you the most exquisite jewellery based on your brief, style, and demand. 

The Amellas offer ranges jewellery from traditional pieces to sustainable and ethically sourced fine jewellery pieces, depending on our clientele.  From high grade natural diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, aquamarine and other precious stones – we cater for the most discerning individuals.

With increased emphasis on sustainability, we offer both natural diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds.  Natural diamonds come from the Earth, created by natural forces over a billion or more years, while laboratory-grown diamonds are grown essentially with the same chemical, physical and optical properties as a natural diamond.  Both natural and laboratory grown diamonds are identical in appearance to the naked eye; however, they have very subtle differences that can only be detected by trained gemologists and sophisticated equipment. 

Every item is unique in its own right, from bespoke elegant curated engagement rings, wedding bands or eternity rings – we will work together with you to provide a simple professional and personalised guidance to place your mind at comfort. 


100 Hatton Garden
London, England, EC1N 8BQ,
United Kingdom

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Welcome to Amellas

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