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Lab-created Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds.

Lab Created Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds, what are Lab Grown Diamonds?


Natural diamonds can be several billions of years old and the solid form of the element carbon, they are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle in high temperature and under extreme pressure.


Lab grown diamonds or man-made diamonds are real diamonds that are grown in a laboratory or factory using advanced technologies, they have some of the same physical and other properties of natural diamonds which are emulated in laboratory settings – taking a lot less time!  A lab grown diamond or man-made diamond can be grown in 2 to 10 weeks depending on the method and desired carat size.


Visually, chemically, physically, a lab grown diamond bears no difference to a natural diamond.  A skilled jeweller or trained gemmologist cannot distinguish between a natural diamond and a lab grown diamond by sight alone, it takes specialised equipment and trained staff in a gemmological laboratory to form conclusive identification.

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